long (Tok Pisin)

originated from ‘along’ (general preposition corresponding to a wide range of English prepositions)

1. in

  • stap long ples to be in the village

2. on

  • Long Mande mi lusim ples.
    I left the village on Monday.
  • stap long sip to be on the ship

3. at

  • long tri klok at three o’clock
  • long bihaintaim at a later time
  • long taim bilong at the time of

4. to

  • go long ples to go to the village

5. from

  • dring long botol to drink from the bottle
  • Yu mas tambu long smok.
    You must abstain from smoking.

6. with

  • kaikai long spun eat with a spoon

7. by

  • kam long PMV to come by PMV

8. about

  • save long planti samting to know about many things

9. because of

  • Em i win long strong bilong em.
    He won because of his strength.
  • long wanem on account of

10. during

  • Long san em i kam.
    He came during the day.

11. according to

  • long tingting bilong mi according to my opinion

(as used in various phrases)

1. antap long on top of, over, above

2. arere long beside

3. bipo long in front of

4. bihain long after

5. daunbilo long below

6. i go long toward

7. inap long taim until

  • Mi laik stap inap long taim yu kam bek.
    I want to stay until you return.

8. kamap long approach

9. klia long to stay away from

10. klostu long near to

11. tong hap i kam on this side

12. long hap i go on the other side

13. long olgeta ples wherever

  • long olgeta ples mi stapĀ wherever I am

14. long ples where

  • Yu mas stap long ples klia.
    You must stand where there is an open space.

15. long wanem how

16. luksave long acknowledge

17. orait long, yesa long affirm, agree (also wanbel), approve

  • Wanbelmitupela i orait long dispela samting.
    We both agree on this.

18. namel long in the middle of, among, between

19. raun long, nabaut long around

20. save long to be acquainted with

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