long (English)

  • adjective, adverb

1. longpela

  • a long day longpela de
  • Cut the tree into long pieces.
    Katim diwai longpela longpela.
  • He stayed for a long time.
    Em i stap longpela taim.
  • I haven’t seen her for a long time.
    Mi no lukim em longpela taim.

2. longwe (distance)

  • It’s a long way off.
    Em i stap longwe.
  • I am a long way from home.
    Mi stap longwe long ples.

3. long ago longtaim bipo

  • I came a long time ago.
    Mi kam longtaim pinis.
  • Stay as long as you like.
    Yu mas stap long laik bilong yu.

4. long-legged muruk

  • verb (to long for something) sori long, kari long, dai long, laikim tru, bai indai long
  • I long to eat taro.
    Mi dai long kaikai taro.
  • I long to be at home.
    Mi sori long pies.

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