1. (allow) larim

  • The police let us through.
    Polis i larim mipela i go pas.
  • Let it be.
    Larim i stap.
  • Let this child hold the book.
    Larim dispela pikinini i holim buk.

2. (let’s) yumi, i gut yumi

  • Let’s go up to the village.
    Yumi go antap long ples.

3. let me see (show me) soim long mi

4. (negative)

  • Don’t let the fire go out.
    No ken larim paia i dai.

5. (better not)

  • Let’s not talk about it.
    No ken toktok long dispela samting.

6. to let off

(1) (steam) eramaut

(2) (excuse) larim

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