1. a cry, weeping, mourning

  • Ol i stap long krai yet.
    They are still mourning.

2. a sound, call

  • Em i harim krai bilong ol.
    He heard the call of the people.
  • krai bilong pisin bird call
  • krai bilong man i karim pen groan
  • krai i kam bek long maunten echo

3. to cry, to make a noise, to weep

  • Belo i krai.
    The bell rings.
  • haus krai place to go for mourning
  • krai long bemoan
  • krai long man i dai pinis to mourn a dead man
  • krai long ples homesick
  • krai olsem natnat na lang to buzz

4. to long for, to be always thinking of one absent

  • Mi krai long papa bilong mi.
    I am always thinking of my father.

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