Kokoda Track

The Kokoda Track or Trail is a rough and narrow foot track through the Owen Stanley Ranges which the Japanese hoped to use as a route to capture Port Moresby, the capital of Papua, in World War II. The Japanese reached Kokoda, about 100 kilometers from Port Moresby, in July 1942. Between Kokoda and Imita Ridge, about 30 kilometers from Port Moresby, they met stiff resistance from Australian troops supported by Papuan carriers, stretcher-bearers and armed police. The rugged terrain, cold and rain made fighting extraordinarly difficult. There were heavy casualties on both sides and many died from disease. The Japanese failed to take Imita Ridge and between September and December 1942 were forced to retreat to the northeast coast.

Kokoda Track Map
Kokoda Track Map

Tom Cunningham, winner of the Do Kokoda and High Sierra Ultimate Adventurer competition trekked the Kokoda Trail in September 2016. The first person to ever take a drone on the trek, Tom captured the beauty of the landscape and shared his Kokoda experience.

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