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know - Tok Pisin English Dictionary



1. save

  • I know they’ve left the country.
    Mi save pinis ol i lusim kantri.
  • Do you know?
    Yu save?
  • Yes, I know.
    Yes, mi save.
  • I knew it; I know all about it.
    Mi save olgeta.

2. (be personally acquainted with) save long

  • (a person) Do you know Takem?
    Yu save long Takem?
  • I don’t know her sister.
    Mi no save long susa bilong em.
  • well-known i gat biknem, i gat nem

3. to know how to, to know about save

  • Yati knows how to make sago.
    Yati save long wokim saksak.
  • I know how to mend it.
    Mi save long stretim.
  • He knows how to read and write.
    Em i save rit na rait.

4. Who knows? Husat i save?

  • (to put a stop to further questioning) Where is he? Who knows?
    Em i stap we? Husat i save?

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