to get, to take, to obtain, to receive, to accept

  • kisim bek retrieve
  • kisim bel (catch belly) to conceive
  • kisim birua have an accident
  • kisim dinau (catch debt) to borrow (something)
  • kisim kanda, kisim stik to get a beating; to take the life
  • kisim kus (catch cough) to catch a cold
  • kisim mani (catch money) to get money
  • Mi go bilong kisim mani long beng.
    I’m going to get money from the bank.
  • kisim namba (catch number) to receive an appointment or position of authority
  • kisim nating (catch nothing) to get something free
  • kisim nil (catch nail) to get an injection
  • kisim piksa (catch picture) to take a picture
  • kisim ring (catch ring) to get married
  • kisim stik (catch stick) to get punished
  • kisim taim stret waiting a long time or (figuratively) to suffer
  • kisim tanget (catch a victory leaf) to get an invitation
  • kisim tok (catch talk) to understand what is said
  • kisim tok orait (catch talk all right) to get approval
  • kisim win (catch wind) to get one’s breath / to take a rest
  • Ol manmeri i wok long kisim taim i stap.
    The people are suffering.
  • Papua Niugini i kisim indipendens long 1975.
    Papua New Guinea got independence in 1975.
  • Pikinini i no bin kisim planti gutpela kaikai.
    The child is not getting enough good food.
  • Wanem bas yu laik kisim?
    Which bus do you want to catch?

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