1. to waken someone up

  • Kirapim em long slip.
    Wake him up.
  • No ken kirapim ol dok.
    Don’t wake the dogs.
  • kirapim tingting to remind

2. to start something (also statim)

  • kirapim bel (get up belly) to excite, to arouse
  • kirapim ensin (get up engine) to start an engine
  • kirapim singsing (get up dancing), kirap singsing to begin singing or dancing
  • kirapim skul (get up school) to start school
  • Tisa i kirapim skul.
    The teacher began class.
  • Kirapim wanpela projek.
    Start a project.

3. develop

  • Wok long kirapim dispela taun.
    Work to develop the town.

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