• noun

1. kain (sort or type)

  • What kind of bird will you shoot?
    Bai yu sutim wanem kain pisin?
  • I don’t want this kind.
    Mi no laikim dispela kain.
  • Don’t say that kind of thing.
    Yu no ken mekim kain tok olsem.
  • This kind of behaviour is no good.
    Dispela kain pasin em i nogut.

2. different kinds kain kain

  • There are all different kinds of fish in the sea.
    I gat olgeta kain kain pis long solwara.

3. different kind narakain

4. same kind(s) wankain

  • We all have the same kinds of houses.
    Ol haus bilong yumi olgeta i wankain.
  • The two birds are the same kind.
    Tupela pisin i wankain.

5. all kinds ol kain

  • all kinds of people ol kain manmeri
  • adjective gutpela
  • He was kind to me.
    Em i gutpela long mi.

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