1. can, be able to, possible, may, be willing to

  • i ken possibly, perhaps, may be, probably, I am willing
  • Ating i ken.
    I think it is possible.
  • i no ken impossible, incapable
  • Yu laik paitim gita? i ken.
    Do you want to strum the guitar? Perhaps/I am willing.
  • Mi ken mekim.
    I will do it.
  • Mi mekim mekim, tasol i no ken.
    I tried and tried without success.
  • Pipol long ples i ken salim ol samting.
    Village people are able to sell things.
  • Husat man i laik kam, em i ken.
    Whoever wants to come, can come.
  • Yu laik go o nogat? i ken.
    Do you want to go? Possibly (perhaps).

2. to be allowed to

  • Yu no ken kilim man.
    You are not allowed to kill anyone.

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