1. to carry, to bring, to take, to cause

  • karim aut (karimaut) to carry out
  • karim blut (carry blood) to bleed / to be wounded
  • karim gol (carry goal) to be losing the game
  • karim i kam (carry (be) come) to bring here
  • karim i go (carry (be) go) to take away
  • Bas i ran long rot na karim pasindia.
    The bus goes around carrying passengers.
  • Em i save karim planti pipia tru.
    It causes a lot of rubbish.

2. to suffer, to endure, to bear

  • karim pen to bear pain
  • karim rong (carry wrong) to bear injustice

3. to beget, to bring forth

  • karim lek a Highlands courting practice
  • karim long bus (carry (prep) bush) to give birth in the bush
  • karim kaikai (the result of hard work) to bear fruit
  • karim pikinini (carry child) to give birth to a baby
  • no save karim pikinini sterile
  • karim plaua to bloom
  • Mama i karim yu.
    Your mother gave birth to you.

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