1. to come

  • kam nating (come nothing) come empty handed or without a specific purpose
  • kam stil (come still) to sneak
  • kam bipotaim (come before time) to come early
  • kambek come back
  • Yu stap we na yu kam?
    Where did you come from?
  • Dok ya i kam we?
    Where did that dog come from?
  • Em i pulim mama i kam insait.
    He pulled his mother inside.
  • Ol i lukim smok na kam nau.
    They saw the smoke and came.
  • Tau i kam nau.
    Tau is coming now.
  • Tupela i kam pinis.
    The two came.

2. i kam bring, here

  • Kisim kulau i kam.
    Bring the green coconut here.

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