John Momis

John Momis (1942- ), politician and ex-Catholic priest known as Father John Momis until he left the church in 1993. Momis was born in Salamaua, Morobe, of North Solomons parents and educated in PNG to Queensland matriculation level. He studied at Boismenu College, Bomana, and Marist College, Madang, graduating in Theology and Philosophy. He was ordained a Catholic priest in 1970 and taught at the Marist College in 1971. He has served in the House of Assembly as member for Bougainville since 1972. He was a member of the PANGU Pati until he founded the Melanesian Alliance in 1980. He held the portfolio of Decentralisation from August 1977 to March 1980, in the period immediately after Independence when decisions were being made about the establishment of provincial governments. He became Deputy leader of the Opposition in 1982 and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Public Service in the Somare Government of 1985. Momis then served as Minister for Provincial Affairs in the Namaliu Government of 1988. In 1992 he remained a North Solomons member of the national parliament although the Bougainville rebellion had made it impossible to hold a full election in the province. Momis has remained with the MA and was its leader in 1993.

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