preposition, adverb

1. long

  • in the village long ples
  • in Papua New Guinea long Papua Niugini
  • in my pocket long bak
  • in 1994 long yia 1994
  • in the morning long moning
  • in my opinion long tingting bilong mi
  • They work in the office.
    Ol i wok long opis.
  • Boroko is in Port Moresby.
    Boroko i stap long Mosbi.

2. dressed in white pasim wait klos

3. to come in, to go in go insait

  • We went in the house.
    Mipela go insait long haus.

4. to be in long haus

  • My mother is not in at the moment.
    Mama bilong mi i no stap long haus nau.

5. in front of paslain, bipo long

6. in half tuhap, long namel

7. in order to bambai, bilong…

8. in spite of maski, maski long

9. in this way olsem

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