1. to hold something, to hold on to, to touch, to feel

  • holim gavman to keep power in government
  • holim isi (hold easy) to touch
  • holim meri (hold woman) to have intercourse
  • holim ol lo (hold all law) to keep the laws
  • holim ol mandanto (hold all mandate) to keep the commandments
  • holim pas (hold fast) / holimpas to grasp, hold firmly, apprehend (a criminal)
  • Ol raskol i holimpasim mi, tasol mi ranawe.
    The gangsters were holding me but I escaped.
  • holim stia (hold steer) to hold the steering wheel
  • Holim stia long kar.
    Hold the steering wheel of the car.

2. to keep, to be faithful, to observe

  • holim strong yet long pasin tumbuna still faithful to traditional ways
  • Ol i bin holim namba wan bikpela kaikai.
    They held the first feast.
  • Holim tru tok bilong mi.
    Keep faith with what I told you.
  • Yumi mas holim gut ol lo.
    We must keep to the laws.

3. a handle

  • holim handel bilong baket handle of the bucket
  • holim bilong kap a cup handle

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