1. antap

  • The wall is very high.
    Banis i antap tru.
  • He has a high voice.
    Nek bilong em i antap.
  • There are some very high buildings in Port Moresby.
    I gat sampela haus long Mosbi i antap tru.

2. bikpela, bik-

  • high winds bikpela win
  • high seas biksolwara
  • high wages bikpela pe

3. hai

  • high tide haiwara

4. (intoxicated) spak

  • They are high on betelnut.
    Ol i spak long buai.

5. high commissioner mausman o mausmeri bilong wanpela kantri bilong Komonwel i go long narapela kantri bilong Komonwel

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