1. to be heavy, to be tired

  • bel i hevi to be sad
  • Mi no amamas, bel i hevi tumas.
    I’m not happy, I’m really sad.
  • Pikinini i laik slip, ai i hevi.
    The child wants to sleep, her eyes are drooping.
  • tok i hevi hard to understand

2. load, blame, responsibility

  • bikpela hevi a big load, big responsibility
  • Em i gat planti bikpela wok na em i save karim bikpela hevi.
    He has a lot of work and a lot of responsibility.
  • Mi no wokim rong, tasol ol i putim hevi long mi.
    I did no wrong, yet they blame me.
  • samting i hevi long karim a burden

3. problem

  • ol hevi bilong haus sik problem at the hospital
  • Ol i bin stretim hevi.
    They have solved the problem.

4. clumsy

  • han i hevi to be clumsy
  • Han bilong mangi i hevi.
    The boy is clumsy.

5. complicated

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