have, has, had


1. gat

  • He has shoes.
    Em i gat su.
  • The man doesn’t have shoes.
    Man i no gat su.
  • Ami has three children.
    Ami i gat tripela pikinini.
  • We have got two dogs.
    Mipela i gat tupela dok.
  • People with AIDS do not have the strength to fight off TB.
    Ol lain husat i gat sik AIDS ol i no gat strong long daunim sik TB.
  • Do you have a plate?
    Yu gat plet?
  • I have no dog.
    Mi no gat dok.

2. pinis (to form past tenses in positive statements and questions)

  • I have seen the book.
    Mi lukim buk pinis.
  • He has been reading.
    Em i rit pinis i stap.

3. to have to do mas

  • I have to cook the food.
    Mi mas kukim kaikai.

4. kisim

  • to have dinner┬ákisim kaikai long belo
  • What will you have?
    Yu laik kisim wanem samting?

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