house, home, building, shed, hut (see also rum)

  • Em i stap long haus.
    He is at home.
  • Ol i stap wokim haus.
    They are building a house.

(names for certain kinds of buildings)

  • haus buk library (also rum buk)
  • haus boi (also boihaus) servants’ house, single youths’ dormitory, domestic quarters built in the colonial era, usually in the back yards of high-covenant houses allocated to expatriates at the time
  • haus bulmakau, haus hos barn
  • haus bung meeting house, assembly hall
  • haus drai, haus paiaman copra drier
  • haus kar garage
  • haus kot court house
  • haus kuk kitchen
  • haus kalabus prison
  • haus kapa permanent building
  • haus karim maternity ward or birth hut
  • haus katim operating theatre
  • haus krai place of mourning
  • haus lain clan, family (also bisnis)
  • haus lotu church
  • haus man men’s house
  • haus marit married quarters
  • haus meri women’s house
  • haus mani bank
  • haus pamuk brothel
  • haus pekpek toilet
  • haus piksa cinema
  • haus sik hospital
  • haus sel canvas tent
  • haus tambaran Sepik spirit house
  • haus win/hauswin lit. air house—an open, roofed raised sitting platform in a house yard, used for daytime living

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