hat, hatpela

1. hard, difficult

  • Em i hat tru long stopim.
    It is hard to stop this.
  • Taim bilong hanger i hatpela taim bilong ol man.
    A famine is a hard time for everyone.
  • Em i wanpela hatpela wok.
    It is a hard task.

2. heart

  • Hat i pam.
    The heart beats.
  • Hat bilong i wok long pam yet.
    His heart is still beating.

3. a hat, a cap, helmet

4. hot, warm

  • Ples i hat nogut tru.
    The place is very hot.
  • Wasim dis long hatpela wara.
    Wash the plates in hot water.

5. to be energetic, zealous

  • Em i hat long mekim skul.
    He is zealous about teaching.

6. hat liklik lukewarm

  • Ti bilong mi i hat liklik.
    My tea is lukewarm.

7. bel i hat to be angry, fired up

  • Bel bilong mi i hat.
    I am angry.

8. strict, uncompromising

  • hatpela man a hard man, a strict man
  • Em i hatpela bos.
    He’s a strict boss.

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