gut, gutpela

1. good, well, attractive, fine

  • givim gutpela tok to advise
  • gutpela long kaikai good to eat
  • gutpela sindaun a good situation or condition
  • gutpela tok, gutpela skul advice
  • mekim gut to do good
  • Ol i save stap poroman gut.
    They are good friends.
  • stap gut to be well
  • was gut long to look after

2. greetings

  • gutbaiĀ goodbye, take leave of
  • Mi tok gutbai long papamama.
    I said goodbye to my parents.
  • gut ivning good evening
  • gut moning good morning

3. i moa gut better (also i moabeta)

  • I moa gut yumi go nau.
    It would be better for us to go now.
  • I gutpela yumi go nau.
    We’d better go now.

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