1. a trembling, a tremor, an earthquake

  • Rabaul em i ples bilong planti guria.
    Rabaul has a lot of earthquakes.
  • graun i guria earthquake
  • Graun i guria na olsem haus bilong mi i klostu bagarap.
    There was an earthquake and as a result my house is almost ruined.

2. to tremble, to shiver, to be nervous, to be afraid

  • Em i pret nogut tru na skru i guria.
    He was so afraid his knees were trembling.
  • Sikman i stat long guria tumas long sik malaria.
    The patient started to shiver from the malaria.
  • Skin bilong yu i guria o nogat?
    Have you been shivering?

3. to long for, to long to

  • Em i guria long lukim TV.
    He longed to watch TV.

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