1. grass, lawn, hay

  • Em i gras nating.
    It’s just weeds.
  • gras bilong solwara seaweed
  • kaikai gras to graze
  • Ol skulmanki i katim gras long haus sik.
    The school boys cut the hospital lawns.
  • gras nogut (grass bad) weed

2. hair, fur, feathers

  • gras antap long ai (grass above the eye) eyebrow
  • gras bilong dok (grass of dog) dog’s fur
  • gras bilong fes (grass of the face) beard
  • gras bilong pisin (grass of bird) bird’s feather
  • i gat planti gras to be hairy
  • mausgras (mouth grass) facial hair, moustache
  • wait gras grey headed

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