go (Tok Pisin)

1. to go

  • go bek (go back) to return
  • go bikpela (go big fellow) to grow up
  • go het (go head) to advance
  • go glas (go glass) to go skin diving
  • go limlimbur long ples (go amuse oneself) to go home for vacation
  • go liv (go leave) to go on leave
  • go long hos (go horse) to go horseback
  • go lukautim abus (go look out meat) to go hunting
  • go olgeta (go altogether) to leave for good
  • go stan (go astern) to go in reverse
  • go wantaim (go one time) to accompany
  • Em i go long haus.
    He went to the house.
  • Em i go olgeta.
    He left forever.
  • go pas long to lead
  • i go pinis to be gone
  • inap i go nait until it was night
  • Kisim pipia i go.
    Take the rubbish away.
  • Man i go pinis.
    The man has gone. (also used to talk about a person leaving the country, especially a foreign contract officer)
  • So i go i kam.
    The saw goes back and forth.
  • (can be repeated for emphasis)
    Em i go i go i go inap em i kamap long haus.
    He kept going until he came to the house.

2. to become (see kam)

  • Diwai i go bikpela nau.
    The tree is becoming bigger.

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