go (English)

  • noun

1. (in a game) taim

  • my go taim bilong mi

2. to have a go at doing traim, laik mekim

  • I will have a go at playing.
    Mi traim pilai.
  • verb go

1. the dog is going dok i go

  • Tete’s gone to the dentist’s.
    Tete i go pinis long dokta bilong tit.
  • I am going to Madang to be a student.
    Bai mi go long Madang long kamap sumatin.
  • Where are you going?
    Yu go we?
  • I am going home.
    Mi go long ples.
  • The women went to Boroko.
    Ol meri bai i go long Boroko.

2. (with another verb)

  • She’s gone skindiving.
    Em i go glas.
  • I am going to visit a friend.
    Mi go lukim pren.

3. (leave) go pinis

  • He went altogether, he left for good.
    Em i go pinis.

4. let it go (never mind) maski, larim, lus tingting

5. to go around raun, raunraun, raunim, baut

  • to go around the mountain raunim maunten, baut long maunten

6. to go astray lusim rot

7. to go away yu klia

8. to go away from go pinis

(1) go away! yu raus!

(2) (of pain)

  • Her headache’s gone away.
    Hetpen i go pinis.

9. to go back go bek

  • go back to the house go bek long haus

10. to go down

(1) go daun

  • to go downstairs go daun long lata
  • The sun is going down.
    San i go daun.
  • The price of rice has gone down.
    Prais bilong rais i bin go daun.

(2) (tyre, balloon, airbed) slek

  • The tyre’s gone down.
    Taia i slek pinis.

11. to go fast hariap, ran

12. to go in go insait

  • Joe went in and shut the door.
    Joe i go insait na pasim dua.

13. to go into go insait

  • Sabi went into the bank.
    Sabi go insait long beng.

14. to go off

(1) (bomb) pairap

(2) (alarm) krai

  • The alarm/signal is going off.
    Alam i krai.
  • The clock alarm went off.
    Belo bilong klok i krai.

(3) (food) sting

  • This rice has gone off.
    Dispela rais i sting.

15. to go out

(1) go long narapela hap

  • I’m going out for dinner tonight.
    Mi go kaikai long narapela hap long nait.

(2) Out you go! Yu raus!; Yu klia!; Yu go ausait!

(3) (light, lamp, fire) dai

  • The light went out.
    Lait i dai.

(4) to go out with somebody prenim wanpela man o meri

16. to go past go pas, abrusim, lusim

  • We went past your house.
    Mipela i go pas long haus bilong yu.

17. to go round to go long

  • Last night Kose went round to Rose’s place.
    Kose i go long haus bilong Rose asde nait.

18. to go to much trouble to do something hatwok long

19. to go up go antap

  • I go up the mountain.
    Mi go antap long maunten.

20. to go without go nating

  • Would you like to eat first? No, I’ll go without eating.
    Yu laik kaikai pastaim? Nogat, mi go nating.

21. to let go lego, legoim, lusim

  • Let the anchor go.
    Lego anka.
  • Let the prisoners go.
    Lusim ol kalabusman i go.

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