1. givim

  • What did he give you?
    Em i givim wanem long yu?
  • Do you want to give me some of your food?
    Yu laik givim mi sampela kaikai bilong yu?
  • Tomorrow the doctor will give me an injection.
    Tumora bai dokta i givim sut long mi.
  • He gave me a book.
    Em i givim wanpela buk long mi; em i givim mi wanpela buk.
  • to give something to somebody for nothing givim nating
  • to give instruction to givim skul

2. to give something back bekim, bekim bek, givim bek

  • gave back bekim pinis
  • to give back something one has stolen bekim bek samting yu stilim pinis

3. to give enough inapim, givim inap, skelim gut

4. to give up doing pinis, pinisim

  • He gave up smoking.
    Em i pinis long smok.

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