get (English)


1. (obtain, receive) kisim

  • The man is getting his pay.
    Man i kisim pe.
  • I got your letter yesterday.
    Mi kisim pas i kam long yu asde.
  • to get an invitation kisim tanget
  • to get married maritim
  • to get one’s breath kisim win
  • What do you want to get?
    Yu laik kisim wanem?
  • The man is getting the cat.
    Man i kisim pusi.
  • I’ll get my book first.
    Mi kisim buk pastaim.
  • They went to get the money. After they have got it, they will return.
    Ol i go kisim mani. Orait kisim pinis, bai ol i kambek gen.

2. to have got to do mas

  • I’ve got to go to the bank.
    Mi mas go long beng.

3. to get to somewhere kamap long

  • We’ll get to Madang at 11 o’clock.
    Mipela bai kamap long Madang long ileven klok.

4. to get (become) ready redi long, redim

5. to get something done pinisim

  • I got my homework done.
    Mi pinisim wok bilong skul.

6. I got a haircut yesterday. Ol i katim gras bilong mi asde.

7. (have) gat

  • She’s got a new house.
    Em i gat nupela haus.
  • She’s got brown eyes.
    Ai bilong em i braunpela.

8. to get back kambek

  • He got back from Daru yesterday.
    Em i kam bek long Daru asde.

9. to get into go insait

10. to get off go daun, lusim

  • He got off the ship.
    Em i go daun long sip.

11. to get on (how a person is) stap gut

  • How’s Demaris getting on?
    Demaris i stap gut?

12. to get on go long, kalap long

  • Where did Haris get on the ship?
    Haris i go long sip long wanem hap?

13. to get out klia long, raus

  • Get out!
    Yu raus!

14. to get out of the way of abrusim, abrus long, klia long

  • to get out of the way of a spear abrusim spia
  • to get out of the way klia long rot

15. to get something out kisim samting i kam

  • Hetty got her guitar out.
    Hetty kisim gita i kam.

16. to get together bung

  • Let’s get together again tomorrow.
    Yumi bung gen tumora.

17. to get rid of rausim

  • get rid of him rausim em i go

18. to get up kirap

  • Rose usually gets up at 6 o’clock.
    Rose i save kirap long sikis klok.

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