adjective, adverb

1. namba wan

  • the first-bom child namba wan pikinini, fesbon
  • I saw it for the first time.
    Mi lukim namba wan taim.
  • the first of September de namba wan long mun Septemba

2. (to begin with) pastaim

  • First, I’m going to have a coffee.
    Mi dring kopi pastaim.
  • I saw it first.
    Mi lukim pastaim.
  • First I must see it, then I shall know.
    Mi mas lukim pastaim, bihain mi ken save.
  • First you must go and talk to the teacher.
    Pastaim yu mas go na tokim tisa.
  • First you go and I’ll come later.
    Yu go pastaim na mi kam bihain.
  • at first pastaim

3. pas

  • You go first.
    Yu go pas, yu kamap pas.

4. the first in line paslain

  • absolutely the first bilong paslain tru

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