noun mani, moni.

verb baim.

FYI: Financial Inclusion in PNG

Estimates of the number of adults who have accounts with regulated financial institutions vary between approximately 435,000 and 800,000 adults. ADB estimated approximately 15 percent of the adult population (approximately 600,000 adults) is included in the formal financial sector (ADB, 2008). The 2011 Financial Services Sector Assessment (IMF & World Bank, 2011) estimated between 500,000 and 800,000 people were included in the formal financial system. BPNG estimated the number of account holders at regulated financial institutions to be 435,316, and that approximately 7 percent of the adult population had at least one loan with a regulated financial institution.

BPNG estimates the unmet demand for deposit services from the economically active adult population to be approximately 5.38m people and the unmet demand for credit to be between 54–64 percent of the economically active adult population.

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