noun asua, rong, trabel

  • It is your fault.
    Em i asua bilong yu.
  • My fault!
  • I’m not at fault.
    Mi no gat rong.
  • That is your fault.
    Em i rong bilong yu.
  • It is your own fault.
    Em i rong bilong yu yet.
  • to suffer through someone else’s fault karim trabel

(geological) ples we ol ston na graun insait long wol i save bruk na muv nabaut, ples bilong guria

(not working) bagarap, rong

  • There’s a fault on the Telikom line.
    Waia bilong Telikom i gat bagarap i long en.
  • He has many faults, but he is a good guitar player.
    Em i gat planti ol samting i rong long en, tasol em i save pilai gita gut.

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