• noun

1. (last part) arere, pinis

  • There is no end to his knowledge.
    Save bilong em i no gat arere.
  • the end of a job pinis long wok
  • Come at the end of the week.
    Yu kam long taim wik i pinis.
  • Come at the end of your workday.
    Yu kam bihain long taim wok i pinis.

2. tel (thin end)

  • Hold the thin end of the bat and hit the ball.
    Holim plang long tel na paitim bal.
  • verb

1. (to put an end to) pinis, pinisim

  • The quarrel has ended.
    Tok i dai pinis.

2. (to come to an end) pinisim

  • to end the work pinisim wok

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