1. kam

  • Come along!
    Kaman, yumi go!
  • Come quickly!
    Kam hariap!
  • When the rain comes, they go in the house.
    Taim ren i kam, ol i save go insait long haus.
  • Did the goods come?
    Ol kago i kam?
  • Nick came by bike.
    Nik kam long wilwil.

2. em bilong

  • Wai comes from Kainantu.
    Wai, em bilong Kainantu.

3. to come down (the stairs) yu kam daun

4. to come up kamap, kam antap

  • The sun comes up.
    San i kamap.

5. to come in kam insait

  • come and get kam na kisim
  • My father is coming for me.
    Papa bai kam long kisim mi.

6. to come empty-handed or without a special purpose kam nating

7. to come back kam bek

  • She’s coming back to fetch something.
    Em i kam bek long kisim wanpela samting.

8. to come off (a button or handle, for example) i lus, i kamaut

9. to come out kamaut

  • The crocodile came out of the water.
    Pukpuk i kamaut long wara pinis.

10. to come up to bungim, kam bungim

  • Lyn came up to me in the yard.
    Lyn i bungim mi long banis.

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