Carvings, Bowls and Other Artefacts in Papua New Guinea

Carvings, bowls and other artefacts are commonly made from wood in PNG. They are sold for local use, in urban markets, to tourists, and some are exported. Occasionally people sell timber to others for carving; for example, on Kiriwina Island in Milne Bay Province, timber for carving is sold by people on the south of the island to people in the north. People from Ialibu in Southern Highlands Province and south-west Bougainville Island are renowned for the high-quality items they make from woven cane, such as trays, table mats, baskets and handbags. People from other highlands locations have copied these products and are also weaving items for sale. The volume and value of trade in carvings, woven items and other wooden artefacts is unknown, but is significant. Such items are sold in all major and many smaller urban centres.

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