• verb

1. (know how, possibility) inap, save

  • Can I help you?
    Inap mi helpim yu?
  • I can do it.
    Mi inap mekim, mi save mekim, mi save long mekim.
  • What can we do about crime?
    Bai yumi inap mekim wanem long pasin raskol?
  • She can play the guitar.
    Em i save long pilai gita.
  • Can you see me?
    Yu inap lukim mi?
  • I can shoot birds.
    Mi save sutim ol pisin.

2. (permission) ken

  • You can come with me to the river.
    Yu ken kam wantaim mi long wara.
  • You can shoot this pig.
    Yu ken sutim dispela pik.
  • She cannot come.
    Em i no ken kam.
  • You cannot go to her village.
    Yu no ken go long ples bilong em.
  • I cannot look at my sister-in-law.
    Mi no ken lukluk long tambu meri.

3. (requesting help) inap

  • Can you open the door please?
    Inap yu opim dua, plis?
  • noun┬átin

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