labourer, boy

  • Ol boi i kam long skul long kisim save.
    The boys come to school to learn.
  • baim boi to recruit boys for indentured labour
  • bosboi the native boss or overseer
  • boi nating an ordinary man or boy, one not an official at the village
  • doktaboi a native medical orderly
  • haus boi the native labourer’s quarters; a house in the village where adult unmarried boys sleep; the men’s ceremonial house; a euphemism for the spirit house; servants’ house; single youths’ dormitory
  • kagoboi a native carrier
  • kukiboi a cook, a steward, a waiter
  • Olaboi! By Golly!
  • pulim boi to recruit by force or bribery
  • skulboi a student, pupil, schoolboy, disciple
  • sutboi a boy who hunts game for pay or a salary
  • tisaboi a teacher, a catechist

FYI: The word boi etymologically combines Hindustani bhoi (‘carrier, bearer’) and English ‘boy’ (‘immature adult male’). The word travelled from Portuguese India to Macau to Hong Kong and subsequently became common throughout the British colonies. In Tok Pisin it meant ‘indigenous male in European employment’. The word was outlawed in the last years of Australian administration.

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