1. to shout or yell loudly

  • Yu no ken bikmaus, mi inap harim gut.
    Do not shout, I can hear you.
  • Polis i bikmaus long ol meri i salim buai.
    The police are shouting at the woman selling betelnut.
  • Yu no bikmaus long mi.
    Don’t yell at me.

2. shouting, yelling

  • Mi harim planti bikmaus long rot.
    I hear a lot of shouting on the road.
  • Yu harim bikmaus bilong ol?
    Do you hear their shouts?

3. to be cheeky or smart

  • Pikinini i no ken bikmaus long skul.
    Children should not be cheeky at school.

4. a loudspeaker

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