1. behind, at the back of

  • Ol mangi i go sanap bihain long banis.
    All the boys went and stood behind the fence.

2. after, later (see also bihaintaim)

  • Bihain long ol i kukim kaikai, ol i sindaun na toktok.
    After they cooked the food, they sat down and talked.
  • Ol i brukim ofis na bihain ol i kukim ples.
    They broke into the office and later set fire to it.
  • Long moning ol i kukim kaikai na bihain long apinun, ol i kaikai.
    In the morning they cooked the food and then afterwards in the afternoon they ate it.

3. in the future

  • taim bihain future

4. late

  • Em i kam bihain long bung.
    He was late for the meeting.

5. to follow, to come after (also bihainim)

  • Mi go bihain long mama.
    I followed my mother.

6. last

  • bihain tru the last
  • man i stap bihain tru the last person

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