• noun baut
  • The river makes a big bend.
    Riva i mekim bikpela baut.
  • verb

1. (to make a bend in) krungutim, brukim

  • bend down brukim lek, brukim bek
  • bend knees brukim skru
  • bend your finger brukim pinga bilong yu

2. (to curve) krungutim

  • When iron is hot, we can bend it.
    Sapos ain i hat, mipela i ken krungutim.

3. to bend down or forwards baut long

  • I bent down to look.
    Mi baut na lukluk; Lukluk i go daunbilo.

4. (a path, trail) baut

  • The road is bending a lot.
    Rot i baut planti.

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