Note: bel is often combined with many other words. There are many pairs of compound words (e.g., ol i belhat yet they’re still angry) and idiomatic phrase with i (e.g., bel bilong ol i hat yet they’re still angry), both with the same meaning. There is variation in usage and meaning among different regions.

1. stomach

  • bel i bagarap to have an upset stomach, to need to go urgently to the toilet
  • belpen/bel i penĀ stomach ache
  • Beltait/bel bilong mi i tait.
    My stomach is full.
  • strongim bel to settle the stomach

2. pregnancy

  • givim bel to make pregnant
  • i gat bel to be pregnant
  • pasim bel (to use a) contraceptive

3. heart (emotions)

  • belhat/bel i hatĀ angry, impatient
  • man bilong belhat a hot-tempered man
  • Mi belhat long wanem PMV i no kam hariap.
    I am angry because the public minibus didn’t come quickly.
  • bel hevi/bel i hevi sad, worried
  • bel isi/bel i isi calm
  • bel kirap/bel i kirap aroused, excited
  • Mi lukim naispela meri na bel i kirap nogut tru.
    I saw the beautiful woman and was really excited.
  • bel kol/bel i kol at ease, reconciled
  • Tupela marit i bin pait moa, tasol nau bel bilong tupela i kol.
    The married couple used to fight a lot, but now they’ve reconciled.
  • bel kros/bel i kros angry
  • bel pas/bel i pas sad
  • bel nogut/bel i nogut sad, depressed
  • bel i sori regret
  • beltru/bel i tru faithful
  • givim bel to love (especially spiritual love)
  • Pikinini bilong Man i save givim bel long yumi olgeta.
    The Son of Man loves us all.
  • kolim bel to put at ease
  • skelim bel to examine one’s conscience
  • skrapim bel to tease, to provoke
  • strongim bel to gird one’s loins, to convince
  • sutim bel to tease, to provoke
  • tanim bel to convert, to change one’s way of thinking
  • Em i tanim bel long nupela lotu.
    She converted to a new religion.

See also bikbel (fat), tubel (doubt), wanbel (agree)

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