1. an exchange, payment

  • Yu mas bekim dinau bilong yu.
    You must pay back your debts.

2. to give back, to repay, to reward, revenge

  • bekim bek to give back
  • bekim pas to answer a letter
  • Yu yet yu mas bekim dispela mani.
    You yourself must repay the money.
  • Em i paitim mi na mi bekim gut.
    He hit me and I hit him hard in return.
  • baim bek redeem
  • bekim tumas (back too much) to take excessive revenge

3. to answer  (also ansa)

  • Long bekim dispel askim, em i givim tupela ansa.
    To reply to this question, he gave two answers.
  • bekim maus (back mouth) to answer someone’s call
  • bekim tok (back talk) to answer

4. to bake

  • Mama i gat aven long bekim kek.
    Mother has an oven for baking cakes.

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