Barry Holloway

Barry Blyth Holloway (1934-2013), Australian-born PNG citizen, politician and businessman. Holloway was educated at Launceston Grammar School, Tasmania, Australia, and graduated from the School of Pacific Administration, Sydney, Australia, in 1957. From 1953-64 he was a District Officer with the PNG Administration. He represented an Eastern Highlands electorate in the House of Assembly from 1964-68 and 1972-87. In 1967 he became a foundation member of the PANGU Pati and was one of the parliamentarians behind a “study group” formed to allow interested members of the House to discuss forthcoming legislation. From 1972-77 he was Speaker of the House of Assembly. Holloway was Minister for Finance in Somare’s 1977 cabinet, Minister for Education in 1982 and Minister for National Planning in 1984. In 1986 he defected from PANGU (with Tony Siaguru and John Nilkare) to found the League for National Advancement which won three seats in 1987. He was defeated in the 1992 elections. His business interests have been coffee wholesaling and retailing. Holloway was knighted in 1984.

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