Derived from ‘bandage’

1. fence, wall

  • banis bilong wara dam
  • banis bilong gaden garden fence
  • banis bilong haus the wall of a house
  • Sampela dok i go ausait long banis.
    Some dogs go outside the fence.

2. bandage for a sore

  • Banis i lus pinis.
    The bandage came loose; the bandage is lost.
  • Putim banis long sua.
    Put a bandage on a cut.

3. ribs

  • banis bilong sait i pen a pain in the ribs

4. banis bilong susu bra, brassiere

2 thoughts on “banis”

  1. I am not a linguist nor am I fluent in Too Pisin. I was once conversational when I worked in PNG, however I’ve been back in the States for many years and have forgotten many of the words. I’m so glad to see etymology for the Push on words, but I must ask, is it possible that banis comes from banish rather than bandage? I only ask because this was how the word made sense to me when I first heard it in a a worship service in an oil camp I was in where I read that the sky was a “banis” between the “wara bilong skai na wara bilong graun”. In the English bible the word used is separation and in my search for logic I found it easy to conclude that banishment and separation are synonymous.

  2. Apologies for autocorrect. Please see Tok Pisin rather than Too Pisin and Pidgin rather than Push on.

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