1. to buy

  • baim bek redeem
  • baim blut payback
  • baim boi (buy boy) to recruit
  • Man i bin baim pinis ol masin.
    The man has bought all the machines.
  • Man i go long maket bilong baim kaikai.
    A man is going to the market to buy food.
  • Pikinini i go long stua bilong baim rais.
    The child is going to the store to buy rice.

2. to pay

  • baim balus (buy airplane) to pay one’s plane fare
  • Man i gat mani long baim balus.
    The man has money to pay for his plane ticket.
  • baim meri pay bride price
  • baim kot (buy court) pay a fine; to bribe the court

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