• noun

1. (of a person or animal) baksait

  • I have a sore back.
    Baksait bilong mi i pen.
  • He turned his back on me.
    Em i givim baksait long mi.
  • He talked behind my back.
    Em i tok baksait long mi.

2. (of a place)

  • A garden at the back of the house.
    Gaden long baksait bilong haus.
  • adjective baksait
  • the back door dua i stap baksait bilong haus
  • adverb bek

1. to go back go bek

  • to go back to school go bek long skul

2. to come back kam bek

  • They’ve come back from the river.
    Ol i kam bek long wara pinis.
  • After how many weeks will you come back?
    Bihain long hamas wik bai yu kam bek gen?

3. to give back givim bek

  • verb

1. (to support)

  • back up helpim, sapotim (a candidate, for example)
  • to help your candidate win the election helpim kendidet bilong yu win long ileksen

2. (as in take revenge) bekim

  • He hit me, but I hit him back.
    Em i paitim mi, tasol mi bekim.
  • to take excessive revenge bekim tumas

3. to pay back (as in repay) bekim

  • This money is to pay you back for your work.
    Dispela mani em bekim bilong wok.

4. to give back, (as in to repay, to reward, to return) bekim, bekim bek, givim bek

  • gave back bekim pinis
  • to give back something stolen bekim bek samting yu stilim pinis

5. to go back and forth i go i kam

  • The saw goes back and forth.
    So i go i kam.

6. move back (as in to reverse, to return something to its original position) surik, surikim

  • move back a bit surik liklik
  • move the chair back surikim sia i go bek

7. to keep back (as in to retain) pasim, holim

  • They kept back the money.
    Ol i pasim mani pinis.

8. to tum back baut, bautim, tanim bek, tanim i kam bek

  • tum the boat back bautim bot
  • The plane turned around and came back.
    Balus i tanim i kam bek.

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