1. a question, a request

  • Askim bilong em i klia.
    His question was clear.
  • long bekim dispela askim to reply to this question
  • Dispela askim i bin kam long opisa.
    This question came up from the officer.
  • Mi bin kisim wanpela askim.
    I got a request.
  • Ol i askim dona long sapotim projek.
    The donors were requested to support the project.

2. to ask someone, to ask something, to request, to invite, to inquire

  • Mi askim mama long kaikai.
    I asked my mother for food.
  • Minista i askim sapot long provinsel atoriti.
    The Minister asked for support from the provincial authority.
  • Em i askim mi long smokpepa.
    He asked me for some cigarette paper.
  • askim lewa to recollect, ponder

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