as (Tok Pisin)

Derived from ‘arse,’ extending its meaning to ‘buttock’, ‘foundation’, ‘origin’, ‘cause’ etc.

1. bottom, base, basis, foundation

  • as bilong diwai base of the tree, tree stump
  • as bilong diwai i bikpela tru a big tree stump
  • Skul i stap long as bilong maunten paia.
    The school is at the base of the volcano.
  • as bilong tok katolik the basis of Catholic teaching

2. buttock, anus

  • paitim as to spank, to whip
  • wokabaut long as to creep (as of a baby)

3. origin, cause, source, reason

  • as bilong tok the origin of a story
  • as tru bilong hevi the clear cause of a worry
  • I no gat as bilong en.
    There’s no reason for it.
  • as bilong em i olsem the reason is as follows

See also: as plesas tingting

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