1. edge, border, side, boundary, limit

  • arere long riva the river bank
  • arere bilong klos the hem of dress
  • Haus i stap long arere bilong taun.
    The house is at the edge of the town.
  • Save bilong God i no gat arere.
    God’s wisdom has no limit.

2. alongside, along, next to

  • sindaun arere long mi sit down next to me
  • Sindaun arere long wara.
    Sit at the edge of the water.
  • O, mipela i lukim planti viles ya we ol i stap arere long wara.
    Oh, we saw many villages on the river bank.
  • Ples i stap arere long wara.
    The village is beside the river.
  • Mani em i stap arere long bokis em i bilong mi.
    The money which is beside the box is mine.

3. to wait for, to lie in wait, to lie in ambush for

  • Em i arere long birua.
    He is lying wait for his enemy.

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