1. an anchor

  • troimwe anka to drop anchor
  • legoim anka to drop anchor
  • No ken troimwe anka long rip.
    Don’t drop your anchor on a reef.
  • haisapim/hivapim/pulim anka to raise or weigh anchor

2. to be anchored, to ride at anchor

  • Sip i anka i stap.
    The ship is riding at anchor.
  • Sip i anka long bris.
    The boat is anchored at the wharf.

3. to settle down, to stay permanently in a place

  • Mi anka long dispela ples.
    I’m staying here for good.
  • Mi marit, olsem mi anka pinis nau.
    I’m married, so I can’t move anywhere now.

4. to anchor something, to prevent something from moving

  • Mipela i laik ankaim ol gutpela wokman.
    We want to make sure we keep all the good workers.

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