Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea

The first Anglican mission was established at Dogura, in Milne Bay Province, in 1891. The church did not proselytize as actively as other Christian denominations and at the first national census in 1966 only 4 percent of the Christian population recorded themselves as Anglicans. In 1960 George Ambo from Northern District became the first PNGan Anglican bishop. An independent Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea was inaugurated in February 1977. By 1980 the majority of priests were PNGan but only two of the five bishops. In 1990 the 142,590 Anglicans were only 4.1 percent of Christians and 4 percent of the total population.

However, because the Anglican church has been able to wield considerable influence on government in Australia and Britain, Anglicans have had an influence in PNG disproportionate to their numbers.

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