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and - Tok Pisin English Dictionary



1. na

  • Henao and Tau are coming.
    Henao na Tau i kam.
  • He came and made a fire.
    Em i kam na wokim paia. (Note: na can be omitted, but then the meaning can be either and or to, e.g., ‘Em i ham wokim paia’ can be either ‘he came and made a fire’ or ‘he came to make a fire’)
  • and then na bihain
  • They went to the shop first and then they went for something to eat.
    Ol i go long stua pastaim na bihain ol i go kaikai.

2. wantaim

  • Henao and Tau are coming.
    Henao wantaim Tau ol i kam.

3. (less common) tupela

  • Henao and Tau are coming.
    Henao tupela Tau i kam.

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